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NBC's No Look Olympics

Are you looking for the program guide for the Olympics? I hope you want to know who won before you see the event. If you go to the NBC page there are big headlines announcing the winners of the events to be aired later. If they were smart, they would make a special link and warn you that there are spoilers- that is they are going to tell you who won. And good luck trying to find the program guide- it is in a random list of links on the bottom of one of the pages (but not this page -warning there are spoilers). I understand if I go to a news page they will probably have headlines and news of who won, that's why I did not go to a news page. I went looking for the program guide, but instead had my evening ruined. I think NBC forgot that they actually want people to watch their station.


William Good said...
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William Good said...

You may be right about that, but at least on the nightly news they give ample warning "not to look at the screen" if you want to wait until later to see the results. Then again when they told me not to look I went ahead and looked anyway.

Wed Feb 15, 07:45:00 PM CST