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Marketing that Sucks for all to See

The Web Coach: Donna Payne shares a funny sight: "I was driving home last Friday and out of the corner of my eye, I saw this sign that said "My boss told me to change this sign so I did." Have you been tempted to do the same thing to your boss? I know I have. In fact sabotage is very common in the workplace. Usually it takes the form of apathy, poor customer service, or stealing. The funniest part is that the sign has not been changed. Maybe the owner believes that all publicity is good publicity- I disagree. Ask Britney if pictures of her endangering her baby have been good for her career. Are you giving your employees a reason to sabotage you? Are you sabotaging your boss? If so, why not figure out a way to do your job to your own satisfaction or go somewhere else? In the end the guy that made the sign is hurting himself the most.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes. Slipping into the groove that is so easy to fall into and very hard to get out. Every job I have had, has been an experience for me. For the simple fact that I grow up more and more and realize more and more. Listening and reading help develop the leader with in you, and also break off the un-wanted stuff.

L8r w/ prayer

Fri Jul 07, 03:49:00 PM CDT
William Good said...

Does this mean that Marketing that Sucks now believes that not all publicity is necessarily good? I rememeber a certain article in the River Front Times (St. Louis) bashing EaglePax and I remember you saying "even bad publicity is good publicity." Where do you stand Mr. Daehn?

Thu Jul 13, 12:59:00 AM CDT