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Rebates Suck

Why can't companies just give you the discounted price instead of making you jump through hoops? The usual response I hear is "companies know people won't fill rebates out and it saves them money." If companies are using a promotion to gain customers and build relationships (keys 4 and 5 of The Seven Keys to Marketing Genius) then pissing people off is not a good idea. Look at this pile of crap my wife was trying to fill out. She was scurrying around a pile of boxes and nearly cut her pinky off with an exacto knife trying to remove a bar code. All the while thinking bad things about the people that were making her do this. Even if you can not give as much of a discount- people would prefer the promotional discount up front over these cat and mouse shenanigans. Rebates suck!


William Good said...

I agree- the rigamaroo is just a bunch of crap. Maybe a company could open up a kiosk at tech stores to do the rebates for customers and charge a fee to do so. The could be in charge of sorting receipts and the cutting of fingers. But the customer could get a check right on the spot.

My understanding of rebates was for cash flow reasons. Is that just an urban legend?

Thu Jul 13, 12:55:00 AM CDT
Donna said...


What a great idea! (Kiosk)

I totally suck when it comes to rebates. I had a $50 rebate on an Ipod and my mom called me EVERYDAY to see if I sent it in. I'm sure you can imagine how painful that was!

Thu Jul 13, 10:01:00 PM CDT