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Cecil Whittaker's Cheap Pizza and Worse Service

Looking on their website it says: "If Your Pizza Box Doesn't Say 'Cecil Whittaker's' You Paid Too Much For Your Pizza!" Is this the best thing they can say about their product? Not really a competitive advantage- nor what most people want to think about when eating. But wait it gets better- I just tried to order the $2.99 Tuesday night Customer Appreciation Pizza. After calling about 25 times to a busy line I got through. I felt like I won a radio contest. But then I was put on hold. My wife was going to pick it up in half an hour (they take about 6 minutes to make, I know as a former Domino's Pizza driver), but she said it would take 45 minutes- no exceptions. So I decided to spring for the extra delivery fee, but that would take around 90 minutes to deliver. I guess cheap pizza tastes good too when you have to wait an hour past dinner time. So instead of gaining a new customer (I had not ordered from here before), they just annoyed the Dickens out of me and wasted 2o minutes of my time. And I am still hungry! Where's that #for Domino's?


Anonymous said...

The person that wrote this is a moran! CWP Pizza is not only cheap, but it taste great. Obviously if you were put on hold, and if it was hard to get through, then there were many many people ordering at the same time. Yes, it may take 3 minutes to make, and 5 minutes to cook, but that is only true if you are making 1 pizza. If you have 100 pizza orders at the same time, then of course it will take time to make them all and cook. What kind of idiot waits until dinner time to order anyway? If you know you will be eating dinner at 6, then place your order at 5:15...not to hard at all! Some people are just dumb and should not bre allowed to talk! Think before you type!!

Tue Jan 10, 06:37:00 PM CST